Benefits of Treasure Hunt: An Exciting Parenting Tool

Benefits of Treasure Hunt: An Exciting Parenting Tool

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Remember those unforgettable romps in the outdoors, while we were growing up? Playing physically engaging games with friends? Didn’t you just love every minute of it? Those are times we’ll never forget.

And yet do you think our children are having the same kind of “fun”?

Picture the home scene these days – everyone in their own corner giving company to their television, phone, laptop or tab - that’s “classic-family-scenario” in 2018.

You’re probably monitoring what they’re watching or playing, and they may be learning too, but are we sure that that is all they need?

Nowadays it is almost impossible to get kids to put down their gadgets and do something that involves using their hands and legs!

But did you know that skipping play time doesn’t mean the kids are just missing out on essential exercise. They are losing out on a crucial part of learning too. Physical play time is not just a means of entertainment; it is a critical part of a child’s development.

What most of us don’t realise is, that while playing outdoor games and sports, kids are learning to think, analyse, comprehend, understand the concept of space, grasp general notions, explore their creativity, practice problem-solving and brush up on their language skills. Can their screen time boast of all that?! In fact studies show that an overuse of gadgets and addiction to the ‘screen” can stunt growth and damage a child’s overall development.

So basically you want an activity that entertains your child and boosts cognitive development? Promotes physical activity and social skills? And encourages a growth mindset? Well here’s something which will give you the opportunity to spend quality time with your kids while teaching them all of the above. The bonus is that they are going to love you for it!

What am I talking about? Treasure Hunts! If you think I’m joking here’s a low down on the top 7 benefits of getting your children involved in a Treasure Hunt.

1. Patience

Treasure hunts consume time and need a lot of cool thinking to unravel the clues and look patiently for the next one. If kids are instructed to take turns at reading out the clue or solving it, or looking for the next hint then they’re learning to patiently take turns at being the lead.

2. Paying attention

This is one activity (very much like screen time) which compels kids to be completely focused, without the disadvantages of long screen time addiction. Following directions, navigating spaces, reading and understanding maps and instructions, it teaches them many necessary life skills. Their listening skills and concentration are both honed as a result.

3. Team Work

Treasure hunts necessitate that children work in teams, solving puzzles together, spanning out to look for clues and find the treasure. It teaches them to work together, interact with each other, understand what the other is saying and think about how to win the game as a team. It trains them to communicate better, to act responsibly in a team and to improve the very important requisite of social skills.

4. Exercise

If there is one thing our kids are missing these days, it is good solid, outdoor exercise. Well this is just what can give that to them. Getting them to run around, jump over stuff, scavenge about for hints and clues is going to give them a fantastic work out. What’s more they’ll love it because it’s an exciting way of being on the move.

5. Imagination

You can make all their childhood fantasies come alive with just this one game. All those flights of imagination that they get can be put to good use in games like this. Of kings and princesses, pirates and battles, exploration and discovery all the dreamt of adventures can come true for them in a treasure hunt. It will be some of the most exciting play times of their lives, while getting the chance to live their most coveted dreams.

6. Self confidence

Rewards, discoveries and prizes bring a sense of achievement and with it comes a boost in self-confidence. Cracking mysteries, solving puzzles gives a high that few activities can. When hard work clicks and the children have an “a-ha!” moment their self esteem soars. That’s exactly the kind of stuff we want to fill our kids with.

7. Creativity

Treasure hunts challenge the children to think and use their creativity to solve clues. If designed well, they will be compelled to think and use common knowledge to play well. At every step of the hunt they will have to get together and think both individually and as a team to crack the problem. This is one of the best ways to get them thinking creatively.
Treasure hunts are a unique, fun way, to get children develop numerous skills that they will require throughout their lives. It may take some hard work on your part, but the resulting benefits are countless and invaluable in the long run. Most of all, it is one of the more effective solutions to addictive screen time, which is something all of us are looking for.
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