Identify Your Child's Learning Style –Reinforce Their Strengths

Identify Your Child's Learning Style –Reinforce Their Strengths

Identify Your Child's Learning Style –Reinforce Their Strengths


Every child is different and has a different learning style. A teaching method may work well with one child and may totally fail with another.Knowing your child's learning style can make learning easy and effective. Researchers have identified three main types of learning styles – visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Usually, children show a balance among all three, but sometimes a particular style may be dominant in a child.

Visual learners learn through watching. They have a liking for visual arts and paintings. They are very good observers of their surroundings. Visual learners prefer to see what they are learning; therefore illustrations work well with them. They have a need to write down instructions. They have amazing photographic memory.


Best methods of learning:

  • Diagrams and Illustrations
  • Reading textbooks, interesting stories book and other books
  • Slides, PowerPoint presentations and videos
  • Brain Games for kids

Auditory or language learners learn through listening and talking about what they are learning. Does your child love singing or playing instruments? Does she understand better when she reads aloud to herself? Does she prefer group discussion over studying alone? If so, then your child is probably an auditory learner.


Best methods of learning:

  • Group study and discussions
  • Audio books
  • Reading aloud

Kinesthetic or tactile learners need to be actively engaged in the learning activities. They enjoy hands on indoor activities and physical involvement. They have a need to move while learning. They usually fidget or “talk" with their hands. Kinesthetic learners are sometimes misunderstood as trouble makers or ADHD because conventional teaching methods fail to engage them.


Best methods of learning:

  • Hands on activities
  • DIY & Art projects
  • Science Experiments
  • Moving while studying
  • Activity boxes or subscription boxes

The best thing a parent can do is engage their children in variety of activities like sports, music, reading, art and craft etc. in early years. They should then step back and observe what works best for their child. Once you have identified your child's interest and learning style, you can build on his or her strengths. Reinforce their strengths and encourage them to pursue fun activities for kids that interest them. Stop pointing out their weaknesses.

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