Why Travelling with Kids is so Important?

Why Travelling with Kids is so Important?

Travelling is about the experience and memories - not of places - but of being together and creating those experiences. It is the priceless opportunity of learning and doing things together. You’re missing out on all of that if you don’t travel with your children.

So for all of those who say travelling with young kids takes a lot of effort and is not worth it because they won’t remember anything, here are 8 solid reasons why you shouldn’t miss travelling with your children while they’re still young.

1. Making them better human beings.

Hearing different languages, seeing a landscape different from what they’re used to, experiencing a different climate, people, food – these are all ways that children are exposed to the vast differences and yet the basic similarities amongst places and people. You may not realize it, but that’s where they start learning the crucial lessons of acceptance, tolerance and humanity and that there is no single right way of doing things.

2. Fun learning

An easy and fun way to start their lessons is to take children to different places and get them involved in the history and geography of that place. Not only will they have lots of fun talking about them with you, they'll have the most enjoyable class of their lives with you as their teacher. Going on outdoor trips is the easiest way to bring them close to nature and improve their general knowledge.

3. Make them flexible.

An issue that all parents deal with when children are growing up is that of teaching them to be flexible, adaptable and patient. Travel plans don't always go smoothly and you may need to make spontaneous adjustments to schedules, eating habits and sleep patterns. There is a huge learning in having to adapt to unknown places, food, schedules and long waits (at airports for example) that can establish an ease of adjusting in young children. They are ideal situations to develop flexibility and patience.

4. Being Social

Yes it's really that important. When you start taking your children on outings and trips they learn to interact confidently with all kinds of people from different age groups. In fact kids actually force you to meet and interact with people when you're on holiday. They are fast to make friends with other kids and that really is the best way to make them learn the importance of being social and to boost their self confidence.

5. Give them a break from the screen.

I'm talking about the digital world of course. All parents at one time or another are racking their brains about how to drag their kids away from the screen. A nature-walk, a train journey watching the wilderness rush by, trekking up mountains and floating up the river in a boat – these are activities that easily exclude the compulsion of staring into tablets, laptops or playing games on the mobile. Apart from your relief at seeing your kids away from the screen, think of all the healthy fun they're going to have!

6. Make them curious.

Travel makes kids say "yes" to new experiences and helps to expand their minds. Journeys ignite children's imagination and their sense of adventure. It makes them curious about new places and people. Animal rides, swimming in the sea, a walk in the forest, exploring old ruins or just a walk down the local bazaar – are simple but enjoyable ways to excite their curiosity about the wonders of this earth that we live on.

7. The best way to bond

There's no better way to bond than to travel, do fun activities and see interesting new places together as a family. You have more quality time for each other in a stress-free environment that allows breaking of routine rules and that's what makes for awesome memories.

8. Make them good travel companions

What we don't realize is that being a good travel companion is an art in itself. And the younger they are, the faster they become great company on journeys. Kids are fast learners and they're very quick to absorb the dos and don'ts of travelling. Making them good travelers may be one of the best things that you can give them.

I can't promise that it won't get crazy at times. Travelling with kids ensures that anything can happen anywhere! But it's nothing compared to the educational value that they get out of it. When you look at smart, independent kids, who have travelled around and know exactly what to do on a trip away from home – it can only make your heart swell with pride.

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And if you're looking to create memories to cherish forever, you better start packing those bags before it's too late!

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